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August Calendar

August Calendar Template

Life can be hectic and schedules can be hard to keep up with. If certain events and or appointments are not written down then it …

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July Calendar

July Calendar template screenshot

In the busy world of today, everyone’s schedules are getting busier and busier. To keep yourself organized and aid your time management skills, a July …

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June Calendar

June Calendar template screenshot

If you are an organized person and want a personalized calendar to suit your needs the June calendar Excel template is designed just for you. …

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May Calendar

May calendar template screenshot

The month of May can be a busy one, both on a personal and business level. From Cinco de Mayo right through Memorial Day, it …

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April Calendar

April Calendar Template

Calendars are of vital importance. For all, they play a significant role in keeping us updated on what’s importance as the weeks, months and years …

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March Calendar

Screenshot of the March Calendar Template

Having an electronic calendar on your computer can keep you organized. Many computers come with calendars already installed but what if you need a calendar …

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February Calendar

February Calendar template screenshot

With February coming on the heels of a busy January, you may want to use a February Calendar template for Excel. With a simple download, …

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Advent Calendar Template

The Advent Calendar Template is an exciting novelty for enjoying the holidays. The advent calendar template is downloadable here on this site, for free. You …

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Monthly Calendar Template

Screenshot of the Monthly Calendar Template

Whether you are an electronic geek or married to paper, this monthly calendar template is an essential addition to your home and work tools. This …

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Printable Calendar Template

Printable Calendar Template screenshot

Life can get downright hectic sometimes. For those who like to plan ahead, a printable calendar template can be an essential tool. It can conveniently …

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