Body Fat Percentage Calculator Template


Body Fat Percentage Calculator Template

For those who want to go the extra mile when it comes to making your body fit, knowing your actual body fat percentage is crucial. When you have given up the calorie counting method after too many trips to Red Lobster, or are wondering if your weight is more muscle than fat, it’s time to focus on the specifics. The simple Body Fat Calculator Template gives you two ways to find your body fat percentage using height and weight information.

How to use the Body Fat Calculator Template

Download the template and open it into the one page Excel sheet. Begin by entering your name (if you desire) and then enter your age and gender. Both the age and gender factor into your body fat calculation as it is distributed differently depending on your gender and how old you are.

From here, you can calculate the body fat percentage two different ways. One is weight based, and the other is height based. Simply enter your information on either side to get your body fat percentage. Make sure to use a flexible measuring tool to get the exact inches.

Once you have your body fat percentage, your personal trainer or Google can tell you how you’re doing in relation to that amount.

Tips on using the Body Fat Percentage Calculator Template

  • Use the template monthly to track your changes in inches and weight if you are aiming toward a specific goal.
  • This is most useful for those who think they have hit a plateau in weight loss. Many times, muscle will develop and the fat loss won’t be so visible on the scale because the muscle is weighed in.
  • Consult a personal trainer to see if there is an area of your body you should be working on to get your body fat percentage where you want it to be.

Download the Body Fat Percentage Calculator Template