Blood Pressure and Glucose Tracker


Blood Pressure and Glucose Tracker

If you monitor your blood pressure and/or glucose levels daily, you’re probably a bit in tune with what is normal and what is not. However, when it comes time to see the doctor and report your progress, vague numbers won’t help your physician work on a plan for you. With the Blood Pressure and Glucose Tracker, you can easily fill in your daily numbers and have real charts generated to show how you’ve been doing. This one page spreadsheet is simple to use and a great resource for you and your doctor.

How to use the Blood Pressure and Glucose Tracker

After downloading the tracker from the link below, you’ll see a one page Excel sheet with info already entered to help guide you. First, put in the required information under the “Blood Pressure” and “Glucose Scale” sections. These numbers should come from your doctor.

Below, enter the date(s) you’re tracking. When you start, you’ll notice the systolic and diastolic numbers will be colored to match the yellow-to-red bar above. These, along with your heart rate numbers are entered into the “Averages” portion on the top right automatically. This data will adjust itself as you enter more information.

The glucose portion is scaled by visible bars to indicate the level of glucose you enter. The “Level” and “Status” fields will automatically fill in after you enter your glucose level to let you know if you are low, normal, or high in glucose.

Finally, the field to the right is a space for notes. Speak with your doctor about any special information they want kept track of, and put that into the notes section. Once your day is complete, you can continue entering in the same file or make a new one to track the next day. Whichever you choose, the “Averages” portion will update accordingly.

When you update your doctor with your averages, print out the pages you created or write just the averages into a new Excel sheet.

Download the Blood Pressure and Glucose Tracker


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