Astronomy Flash Cards


The stars above and the sky beyond, you can teach your children about astronomy to help them get ahead in their science classes and impress teachers with their acquired knowledge for free. The free Astronomy Flash Cards is the perfect tool to introduce children to the world of astronomy, the study of the stars and universe. This template serves as a nice introduction to learning how the solar systems function and even ventures into the great unknown by teaching them about black holes. You might think these definitions are simple, but it definitely helps children grow into the world of science and education. Who knows, they could become the next Stephen Hawking!

To get started, read the instructions outlined below.

Getting to know Astronomy

To download the free Astronomy Flash Cards template file, just follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Now, go to the “File” button up in the Home Ribbon and select the “Print” option from the list that will appear.

Now, your child will be quizzed each day to see what they know about the universe. Start by showing them the word and definition card first and then separate. Over time, they should be able to pair the two items and match them instantly.

Building this type of instinctual knowledge goes far beyond memorization, especially at an early age. They will soon be able to use the information they acquire here and apply it to new concepts they learn in school later on as well.

You can make fun games out of the Astronomy Flash Cards and even reward them for good performance with their answers. How you use the flash cards is completely up to you.

If you’re ready to show your child the inner workings of the universe, download the free template today!

Download: Astronomy Flash Cards