Adding Columns and Rows in Excel


Adding Rows and Columns to Excel

Adding additional rows and columns in a table in Excel is needed when updating and adding onto an existing Excel sheet. The process is quick and easy.

First, begin by highlighting the cell where you want to create a new row or column. From here, you can create your additions in two ways. Here are both:

Using the Excel Ribbon Tool for Adding Columns and Rows

Make sure to have the cell selected where you want the addition to be added.

Locate the “Insert”, “Delete”, and “Format” buttons on the ribbon tool(pictured below). Choose “Insert” and the pictured menu will show up when you have chosen a cell inside the table.

Select from the choices offered and your new row or column will be added.

How to Manually Add (or Remove) Columns and Rows

Right click on the cell you want to make a change to and this menu will appear:

Click “Insert” and its options, or you can choose delete to completely remove the column or row.