Academic Club Budget Template


Academic Club Budget Template

One of the best parts about being in a club is the activities, trips, and events you get to participate in with like-minded people. However, it’s no secret that these perks cost money, as does just maintaining a club. The Academic Club Budget Template is a simple way to track revenue and expenses within a club organization.

How to use the Academic Club Budget Template

Download the template using the link below and open it in Excel. An easy to follow one page sheet will come up with data already entered to help guide you.

The top gray portion is an example of how to track the revenue and expenses within your club. On the left side, the numbers are automatically generated for the Revenue and the Expenses line, so do not alter those. The top bit with “Cost of Trip” is manually entered. You can change this to Cost of Event, Cost of Maintenance, etc. whatever your yearly cost is. This will create a meter bar to the right which displays the amount still needed to achieve the “Cost of” field you entered.

Below is where you enter the actual data. The “Yearly Revenue” portion can be changed to fit your club’s funding resources. Next to it, a bar graph will be generated showing where the most and least money comes from.  Next to it is the same format, only with expenses. A similar bar graph will be generated after you enter in the new data.

Viewing the above portion again, you will see that the “Revenue” and “Expenses” numbers have adjusted to your new data.

Tips for using the Academic Club Budget Template

  • Begin updating this before your club year starts to have a better idea of how much expenses will be. If you’re unsure what the year’s events will include, simply leave it blank.
  • The document is designed to be easily read and scanned. If your club requires transparency regarding costs, you can display the whole page or parts of it for members to view.
  • This document can be altered to only focus on one club aspect, IE a fundraising event for a trip. Only enter the trip information and the graphs will update to display just that.
  • Use the Excel highlighting tool to have desired areas of the sheet stand out.

Download the Academic Club Budget Template


Template courtesy of Microsoft