World Cup Template

World Cup Template

The World Cup is hands down one of the biggest tournaments in the world and if you’re looking to keep pace with some of the top teams in the world, then the World Cup Template is the perfect tool for you. The free template comes with everything you need to go from the first matches to the final bout. This document is also completely customizable so you can use it for every World Cup from now until the end of time as the world’s biggest fan. If you want to follow your team to victory the right way, just read the list of instructions below to learn how to use this handy template sheet.

How to Use the World Cup Template

After downloading the free template by clicking the link at the bottom of this page, you can start to customize the document to fit your needs.
There are 7 tabs to this World Cup Template, all found at the bottom of any page. The first tab is the “Groups” section, in which you can enter teams based on their FIFA ranking, to find these rankings, simply head to

The next three tabs place the groups in order of who will compete first. You will find groups A-D competing against each other and so on. You will simply enter the results of each match in the scorecard to the far right of these three tabs.

The final two tabs are for the semi-finals and the last game of the World Cup. These are a bit simpler, in that you will enter the last 4 teams according to their grouping. You would then take the final two teams to the last tab of the World Cup Template, “The Final.” In these last two tabs, feel free to enter the scores of each team in the indicated cells at the center of the page, between the team names.

Now you have all the tools you need to properly keep track of your favorite World Cup teams like a pro!

Download: World Cup Template