Workout Chart Template

Workout Chart Template

The Workout Chart Template can take your exercise routine to newer and greater heights by organizing your schedule and providing you with valuable feedback you can use to enhance your workout. The template will keep track of your weight as you continue to progress with your routine. Watch as you become leaner and stronger than ever before. The template even calculates and displays the amount of weight you lost in figures and with a convenient graph. You’re making the choice to live a healthier lifestyle so why not make it easier on yourself by using this free template. Download the Workout Chart by clicking the link at the bottom your screen.

How to Use the Workout Chart Template

The template is comprised of two different tabs, one that tracks your weight in pounds and the other in kilograms. The first thing you need to do is select which option you want to use and click the appropriate tab.

The first item you will enter is your starting weight and the day you started your workout. The template will calculate your body mass index (BMI) for you. Now, enter your goals in the next columns of this section. Finally, you will enter your height as well.

Now, scroll down to the main table of the document to start entering your information each day. Whether you’re trying a new diet, working out, or both, you will enter the date and your current weight in the first two columns of the main table.

The template will take any changes to the information you enter and give you the difference in your weight, your current BMI, and goals for losing 1-3 pounds per week so you can see where you need to be the next week.

As you make your way through week after week you can scroll back to the top of the page to receive a comprehensive breakdown of your progress in the form of a graph. The graph compares your current weight with your BMI goal and shows you how well you’re continuing to progress over time.

If you need a fast and free way to stay motivated as you get into the routine of working out, the Workout Chart will help you every step of the way.

Download: Workout Chart Template

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