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Word Calendar Template

Screenshot of the Word Calendar Template

Organizing your time at home or work can be a daunting task. Fortunately, calendars exist to help us with our daily routines. Even though we …

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Newsletter Template

screenshot of the free Newsletter Template

Newsletters are a professional way for groups to get information out, get the attention of potential supporters and keep the group name and image in …

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Resignation Letter Template

screenshot of the Resignation Letter Template

In the past, most people stayed at the same job throughout their career. They worked for one company and retired after 30 years. Today, the …

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Fax Cover Sheet Template

Screenshot of the Fax Cover Sheet Template

A professional fax cover sheet can make your business look much more refined and help keep your faxes from being misplaced. As a worker for …

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Business Card Template

Screenshot of the Business Card Template

The Business Card Template is a valuable tool to download to your desktop. Whether you are in business for yourself or working for a company …

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Envelope Template

screenshot of the envelope template.

Everybody uses envelopes for many reasons. They can be used for school projects, business assignments, paying bills and for personal letters. Having an online envelope …

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Microsoft Word Memo Template

Screenshot of the microsoft word memo template.

The Microsoft Word Memo Template is a very useful tool to have saved to your desktop for day to day operations. Downloading the Microsoft Word …

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Resume Cover Letter Template

Resume Cover Letter Template

A resume cover letter must be immaculate and still catch the attention of the person with which one is applying for work. Keeping this cover …

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