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Organizing your time at home or work can be a daunting task. Fortunately, calendars exist to help us with our daily routines. Even though we all use technology features such as our phones or online task managing programs there are moments where we prefer to prioritize on paper. Paper calendars are expensive and unless you find one with a design you love, you are more than likely not to purchase it. Businesses are no longer passing out free calendars in mass quantities as they used to either. An alternative solution to multiple sticky-notes is using a Word Calendar Template. It’s cost effective and you can have a customized calendar in minutes. You can use this for your family or small business needs.

Not only can you use this for organizing purposes in your business but you can also embed the calendar in magazines, newsletters and PowerPoint presentations. You can also print the calendars out at any time to create a unique wall calendar. The template can be saved and updated yearly.

How to Use the Word Calendar Template

  • You can’t go wrong with this template. It’s free to download here.
  • This is an easy to use and customizable template.
  • Once you’ve downloaded it, it comes completely formatted from January through December of the current year.
  • The Word Calendar Template week starts off with Sunday and ends on Saturday.
  • You can add quick notes to each date such as birthdays, anniversaries, children games, and doctors’ appointments.

Tips for Using the Word Calendar Template

  • You can add pictures and logos to the template. To add graphics such as your company logo double click in the header section. Select the menu option “Insert” and then “Picture”. You can size and relocate the graphic to your desires. This adds your logo to every page to have a consistent calendar.
  • You can change the font and colors to the template.
  • To create personal calendars, insert a page before January and after December. You can place your favorite pictures as your front and back cover.
  • Your newly-created calendar can be embedded into other publications

The Word Calendar Template can be used to help organize special events, keep track of school functions, appointments, and used in a business setting.

Download: Word Calendar Template

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