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Free Wedding Save the Date Magnets

There are several steps to planning a wedding. Traditionally, the bride and groom first send out a “save the date,” well in advance of the wedding, because they want their friends and family to all be able to attend. In order to stay memorable, sometimes the bride and groom do something a little special with their “save the date” announcement, so that everyone remembers to do so. But what if you are on a budget, or need to get your announcements out as quickly as possible, because the wedding is fast approaching?

If you are looking for a fun and original save-the-date reminder and are trying to stay within a budget for your wedding, you may consider creating custom refrigerator magnets, designed with a wedding theme, with a marked calendar which will remind your guests to keep the date. You can use this Wedding Save the Date Magnets Template. This template will create one sheet of ten 3 1/2 by 2 inch magnets. You can print out as many as you need without having to go to a professional printer or meet any minimum print quantity requirements. You will not end up with a surplus, and if you find you need more, you can simply print on demand.

How to Use the Wedding Save the Date Magnets Template

  • Download the Wedding Save the Date Magnets Template into MS Word.
  • Purchase Avery 8374 magnetic sheets, either at your local office supply store or online. Load them into your printer.
  • Type into the blanks: the name of the couple to be married, the date of the wedding, and any other pertinent information.

Tips for Using the Wedding Save the Date Magnets

  • Send the magnet in a matching envelope with a coordinating invitation.
  • Send the Wedding Save the Date Magnets out well in advance from your wedding. Usually people send “save the date” announcements out four to six months before the actual wedding.
  • You may wish to send your first batch to out-of-town guests first, so that they can plan accordingly. Then again, you do not want to wait too long to send your next batches, as you do not want your local guests to think they were invited as an afterthought!

Download: Wedding Save the Date Magnets

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