Travel Budget Template

Travel Budget Template

It is a necessity for businesses to keep track of expenses related to travel and business trips. This is done for tax reasons and to maintain the company’s financial budget. A tracking form with fields for transportation, food, and lodging would be the most useful form in this situation. Template Haven can help you keep track of your travel budget with our Travel Budget template.

How to use the Travel Budget Template

  • Simply download the template and save it to your computer.
  • Open the file and view all the different fields that are available to aid in tracking your budget.
  • Enter employee name and ID in the first shaded spaces. Other details like the date of the trip and purpose for the trip can be entered as well.
  • In the “Expenses at a Glance” area, you can enter total days in the trip along with areas for transportation, food costs, and lodging.
  • Each expense’s total can be entered in the third area, sorted by date. You can add totals for different meals like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and other snacks.

Tips for Using the Travel Budget Template

  • In the case that you’re self-employed and have traveled to meet your clients, you can enter your name or other information in the employee information fields.
  • More columns and rows can be easily added or deleted in this template. It’s yours, so customize it as you wish.
  • You can input expenses for items like tools, gas, supplies, or other costs that were needed on your business trip.

With our Travel Budget template, you’ll be able to easily track every expense incurred during your business trip. It is ideal for companies to hand this template to employees to track expenses, and is useful for self-employed businessmen as well. Download the template for free today!

Download: Travel Budget Template