Travel Agent Business Cards


As a travel agent one of the most important aspects to building your business is marketing yourself. You need to build a brand that will help clients identify you as the person who will help them successfully plan their dream vacation. Out of many marketing materials to have on hand, a business card is a definite must have. A smart agent can present a professional image by using the travel agent business cards template.

By having the advantage of customizing the product, you will have a unique tool to give to potential customers with the idea that when they need a vacation, all the information to contact you is on the card. The travel agent business cards template is available for free and immediate download on this page. It is compatible with Microsoft Word 2003 or later.

How to Use the Travel Agent Business Cards Template

  • Once you have downloaded the template file to your computer and saved it, find and open the document to start customizing it.
  • Change the default text on each entry to match with your own information. Enter your name, phone number, cell number, fax number, your business name and website address. You can omit an entry or add a new line for additional information. Once all details have been entered, save the file under a new name to use on another occasion.
  • There are 10 cards on the template and can be printed using Avery cardstock sheets 5371, 5376, 5911, 8371, 8374, 8471, and 8859.

Tips for Using the Travel Agent Business Cards Template

  • If you specialize in a travel destination or target a group of people to arrange special trips, include it as a byline under your name, for example you can add, “Specializing in Romantic Getaways”, or “Specializing in Fun Filled Family Vacations”. With the travel agent business cards template, this is an easy option to add by just inserting another line of text under your name.
  • The template can be used many times for additional cards to make for other employees in your company. Each can have their own contact details on their own cards.

By using the travel agent business cards template to customize with your own details, you will be showing a professional image of your business. Give them out to potential prospects and they will have your contact information handy for when they are ready for the vacation of their dreams.

Download: Travel Agent Business Cards

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