Student Search Game (K-2)

Student Search Game (K-2)

One of the biggest challenges with the start of every new school year is getting the students engaged with each other from the beginning. Teachers often find it difficult to come up with the right activity to get students sharing about themselves. The Student Search Game for grades K-2 helps ease that process by creating a fun environment for students to get to know each other. Simply download this game and get ready to have some fun in the first few days of school!

How to use the Student Search Game (K-2)

You will want to print a form for every student in your class plus a few extras for any that may get destroyed in the process. Each student fills in their name at the top of the page and then goes through to add a star to any of the items that they identify with. Once this is complete, you can have the students go around and ask each other questions to help identify who fits into which square.
It is up to you if you want only one name per square or several names per square. This will depend on the size of the classroom and how much time you want to devote to the search. This activity will help your students get to know each other better as some will have these in common.

As new students enter the classroom throughout the year, this is a great exercise to repeat from time to time. Some of the student answers may have even changed during the year if they were able to go camping or have a new baby sibling!

Customizing the Student Search Game (K-2)

This template is not only free but also very easy to customize. You can edit each box to include other experiences or facts that students may share. If you work primarily with military families, you can include places in the world they may have lived in or you can add favorite colors and foods. The choices are endless! Download today and create your first icebreaker activity of the year.

Download: Student Search Game (K-2)

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