Student Search Game (3-5)

Student Search Game (3-5)

As the new school year begins, it may seem difficult to find an activity that will get your students familiar with each other and help break the ice. The Student Search Game for grades 3-5 is a great way to get your students talking and help include any new students who may not have some history at the school or with the other students.

How to use the Student Search Game (3-5)

Download the template by clicking the link below. Print as many copies as you will need for each student plus a few extra for anyone who may need a new one or if you will play this game again later in the year for new students. Each student fills in their name and date at the top of the sheet.

First, each student will go through and mark the squares that they identify with by placing a star in it. Now you can break up the classroom and have students go around and greet each other. As they are meeting, they can ask which square in the game they identify with. If you want to make it a competition, you can give a prize or prizes for the first few students who reach you with all the squares filled in with student names.

Customizing the Student Search Game (3-5)

If there is a particular set of commonalities in your student body, you can adjust the different squares in the template to highlight them. If the majority of your students are from active military families, you can add countries that they may have lived in or common languages that may be spoken. The options for this game really are endless and since this template is free, there is no cost to you and your teacher’s budget!

Download: Student Search Game (3-5)

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