Student Calendar Template

Student Calendar Template

Student Calendar

Yes, it exists: a student calendar with all the bells and whistles that is still easy to read, navigate, and control. The Student Calendar Template features a 12-month Excel based format with an event calendar, assignments column, and a weekly class schedule. This template is perfect for the college student who is going to start the year organized and ready!

How to use the Student Calendar Template

Download the template using the link below, and you will access it through the normal Excel program. Once you have it open, you’ll see 12 separate tabs, one for each month, pre-filled for the desired year you enter.

Each month’s page is divided into three sections, the top one being the calendar for the month with the dates listed. You can add events in this portion and the date will be bolded when an event is on it. Below the calendar is a simple weekly schedule portion that lets you enter the subject, time, and day of your classes each week. Finally, the right hand column is labeled assignments and has the days of the week listed along with spots to fill in when tests, assignments, and papers are due.

All of these sections are easily and quickly customized using the Excel program on this template, and within just a few minutes you can have your weekly school agenda set up.

Tips for using the Student Calendar Template

Because the template is so customizable and features so many options, there are many ways to utilize it to its fullest extent:

  • Enter your weekly school schedule right away so you don’t miss a class. You can also add the room number of the class to help you navigate your campus.
  • Use the assignments tab to list everything from tests, to deadlines, to study sessions. This handy notes column can be used for whatever suits your purposes, so don’t feel constricted!
  • Print out a copy of your monthly student calendar. You’ll be able to jot down notes when not near a computer, and will always a have a reference for your classes and assignments.

Download the Student Calendar Template today and be ready for your next semester of school! Template courtesy of Microsoft.

Download: Student Calendar