Stakeholder Post Project Evaluation Form

Stakeholder Post Project Evaluation Form

If you’re a stakeholder for a project or you want to provide your stakeholders with a post-project analysis, then the free Stakeholder Post Project Evaluation Form is a great tool to help you do it. This simple Word document has all the elements of a project and breaks them down to be evaluated. You’ll receive items that evaluate the project manager, the project itself, the team, and so much more. If you want a way to keep stakeholders for a project informed then you need the free Stakeholder Post Project Evaluation Form on your side. Read the guide below to get started.

Using the Stakeholder Post Project Evaluation Form

To download the free template, follow the link we have conveniently provided below.

Now, start at the top of this page and enter the information above. You will list the name, the project name, and the date. From there, you need to print the sheet by clicking “File” then “Print” above.

You would hand out this sheet to your stakeholder (people involved in the project) and have them fill out the information so you can use this data to help you with future projects.

They will be asked about different elements of the project and what they thought worked and what needs to be reconsidered. They can rate their performance, the project manager’s performance, and the team’s performance in this sheet.

There is also a short answer section towards the bottom, with items like “What were the main challenges to the overall project schedule, from your perspective?” This can help you assess what the team struggled with as a whole.

Using this sheet, people involved in a project can provide you with valuable feedback that can help you with future projects.

To get started today, just follow the link below.

Download: Stakeholder Post Project Evaluation Form

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