Social Media Response Tracker

Social Media Response Tracker

The Social Media Response Tracker is the perfect tool for social media pros and beginners alike. The simple structure of this template allows you to enter, store, and monitor the progress of important posts on any social media platform of your choosing. You can track all the information that matters (followers, activity, clicks, responses, re-posts, etc.) and this template will provide you with a convenient graph that illustrates how your metrics have fallen or raised over time for any platform. Stop losing your following over minor inconsistencies and start targeting your ideal demographic using the free Social Media Response sheet.

How to Use the Social Media Response Tracker

First, scroll down to the bottom of this page and follow the link provided. This will download the template directly to your computer.

You will start in the first column of the page and change the sites to social platforms that you use frequently. Simply click in a cell and write something new to change the pre-written examples.

In the next few columns, you will enter the URL, the profile name, the number of followers, and the last time you posted something. If you want to be a little more meticulous with your posts you can also enter a “Posting Frequency” (the amount of times in a given period you will write a new post).

The next section of the document is where you will enter the specifics of your metrics. Just as you did in the previous columns, you will read the header and enter the required information in the corresponding cell.

For certain figures (% of change) you will notice the cell is either red or green. This simply indicates whether you have increased or decreased your traffic in these areas.

You will also notice that some columns, such as column M, are specifically for 1 social platform. If you do not wish to track this data just skip it.
Now you have a complete and comprehensive way to track the success of your social media strategies.

Download: Social Media Response Tracker

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