Snowman Refrigerator Magnet


Children love snowmen and during the winter as they eagerly wait for the first snow to fall and build their snowman outside, you can keep them entertained with fun indoor winter projects. Let them build their own snowman refrigerator magnet. It’s a great way to keep kids busy and they can cheerfully display their finished project on the refrigerator or any metal surface.

Start a creative activity the students will look forward to participating. The snowman refrigerator magnet template is easy to use and available for immediate download free on this page. It is compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 or later.

How to Use the Snowman Refrigerator Magnet Template

  • Download the file and save it to your computer. Open it and you can leave it as is and print out the copies you want or customize to make them more unique.
  • Once you print out the sheets you can use them with the Avery 3270 magnet sheets. Place one sheet of the snowman refrigerator magnet template on a magnet sheet.
  • Carefully cut out the snowman parts following the outline around each picture. Now you have refrigerator magnets that kids will love arranging on most metal surfaces.

Tips for using the Snowman Refrigerator Magnet Template

  • Have fun and make the project unique, since the template can be customized you can add a name on the snowman’s body or you can enter any other text you want. Another way to customize them is by adding an image like the child’s picture.
  • Kids can choose to play games arranging the snowman parts in different ways. Let it be a boy or girl snowman, or exchange the gloves to have them mismatched and see who notices it first.
  • They can also make them to give as gifts for parents and grandparents. If the project is being done around the holidays, they can tuck the finished magnet in a greeting card to send to friends or family members.

Children are creative and love keeping busy when projects are fun. Use the snowman refrigerator magnet template in a classroom setting or at home with the little ones.

Download: Snowman Refrigerator Magnet

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