Simple Wedding Checklist

Simple Wedding Checklist

Wedding are one of the most beautiful times in a person’s life but they can also fill you with anxiety. Remembering all the small details of a wedding is just stressful. The Simple Wedding Checklist was designed to put your mind at ease with a simple checklist. The simple template breaks down all the major categories for your wedding. Items like the ceremony, reception, stationary, and much more are listed, allowing you to enter the items associated with it then check them off as you complete each one. With this template at your side, you can reassure yourself that everything you need to make your wedding perfect has already been done. Learn more about this free document by reading the information below.

Using the Simple Wedding Checklist

The first thing that you need to do is print the free document by clicking the link provided at the bottom of this page.

You will want to start by listing the contacts for important services like catering, flowers, etc. You with then go through the columns listing their role, name, address, and telephone/email.

Once you have finished entering your contacts, you can continue to the “Wedding Checklist” tab. You can find the main categories for your wedding listed in the tables below. Under each category you can list individual items.

For example, under the “Stationary” category, you will find invitations. You can also change any of the items or categories simply by clicking on the cell and writing something new to replace it.

You will see that to the left of each item there is a small empty box. Once you have completed a task or affirmed that a task has been completed, you will enter a checkbox in that space.

Now you can make sure every last detail of your wedding is just the way you want with the Simple Wedding Checklist.

Download: Simple Wedding Checklist

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