Simple Resume Template

Simple Resume Template

Simple Resume Template

The free Simple Resume Template is the best and easiest way to start designing a new template for your next job. This template will help you craft a simple resume for your next job or maybe even your next career. You will go through and enter all the information highlighted in brackets with your own. The process takes about ten minutes and by the end, you’ll have a fast and efficient resume to send to employers. With a cool design and simple layout, there’s nothing standing in your way from getting your dream job. To get started today, just follow the direction below.

Downloading and Using the Simple Resume Template

You can download the free Simple Resume Template by clicking the link below.

Start at the top of the page and change the name. You will write down your first and last name then write out your contact information.

You will then need to list your objective to show employers exactly what you want from the company. If you want to grow and expand with a small company with small company values, then list that here.
Your education will be the starting point for the bulk of your resume. Be sure to list the bracketed information as detailed as possible.

Your experience is what employers really want to see. You will list the dates of employ, the company, your title, and your previous duties.

Finally, if you have any special skills, list them in checklist-style format in the section at the bottom of this template.

When everything is entered you can print the sheet or send them out via email to that job you’ve had your eye on for a while. As you continue to advance in your career, you’ll continue to add to your resume with more skills and experience.

Try the template today by downloading the sheet below.

Download: Simple Resume Template