Simple Exercise Log

Simple Exercise Log

Staying in shape is a great goal to have and now it’s even easier to accomplish using the Simple Exercise Log. This handy little tool lets you enter all your workout plans in such a way that it becomes a natural part of your schedule. This template makes your routine just that. Be freely fitting into your schedule, you no longer have to look at your gym visit as just another task, it will become part of your daily ritual. Download the free template today to start getting in shape for summer.

How to Use the Simple Exercise Log

To download the free template, just follow the link at the bottom of your page.

The template is designed to be simple and easy to understand intuitively. You’ll want to begin by customizing the document to cater to your specific goals.

You can start by either printing the document or entering everything into your computer. It’s completely up to you to print the document or enter everything by hand, simply press “File” then Print” in the Home Ribbon above.

Once you’re ready to start, enter your weight goal at the top of the page. It’ll help keep you motivated to progress toward that goal.

The main table is where you will enter your exercise routine and the number of hours you sleep, calories, and time working out. This will help you recognize trends that you may not have known. Maybe you burn more calories after you’ve slept longer. Or maybe you find you eat more calories over the weekend. As you start to pick up on these trends, you can continually make adjustments to this schedule.

The table at the very bottom is where you can track the progress of your strength training. You can see how many more reps and how much more weight you’re able to lift over any given period of time.

Monitor and track your way to achieving better health with the Simple Exercise Log.

Download: Simple Exercise Log

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