September 2014 Calendar


This September 2014 calendar is an online, customizable, downloadable and easy to print visual overview of the entire month. The standard squared and numbered spaces for each day with a new week on each line is used. The Sunday to Saturday day run is used.

One of the best features about the September 2014 calendar is there is plenty of space is allowed at the bottom of the page for note taking. You can add in your own events and download and print the calendar in that adjusted form. You can download and print the calendar for free on this page!

Using the September 2014 Calendar

This template is a simple but excellent tool for organizing and planning out your month. You can budget your time and money with this calendar. Work and home life can be balanced. Business payrolls and other small business events can be gridded out. Remind yourself of upcoming bills and deadlines.

Don’t forget birthdays, anniversaries, or planned family activities. It is easy to forget something in the midst of a busy month, but a one-page monthly calendar such as this can help to prevent it.

Special Days and Observances on the September 2014 Calendar

The September 2014 calendar notes the only federal holiday, Labor Day, as occurring on the 1st. Perhaps you will be off work that day and may wish to make travel or other plans for Labor Day and Labor Day weekend. If you are Jewish or interested in Jewish things, then you may wish to add in Rosh Hashanah (“head of the year”, the Jewish New Year’s Day). It is on the 24th (a Wednesday), but one should take note that the Jewish day begins at sundown (about 6 p.m.). Another possible add-in holiday is the International Day of Peace on the 21st (also St. Mathew’s Day). Also take note that Fall begins on Tuesday the 23rd.

Download: September 2014 Calendar

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