Restaurant Menu Template

Restaurant Menu Template

Ever dream of having your own restaurant that becomes an instant hit? Well you won’t get there without an appealing menu to display all your amazing food. Whether you’re looking to spice up your old menu or you are completely new to the industry, the Restaurant Menu Template is just what you need. With an elegant design and an easily customizable system, you can create the perfect platform to draw in guests.

How to use the Restaurant Menu Template

Simply download the document, and then click the file to open the menu template. You will be able to see the simple, yet entrancing design that highlights the best foods you have to offer.
Click on any of the pre-written text and start typing in your own information to suit your unique menu. You can edit anything in the template, from meal names to the descriptions of each dish. You can even make the template a “Menu of the Day” to commemorate a special event.

Now it’s time to add the best part! With the minimalistic design of this template, you can easily import photos of your delicious meals and replace the stock pictures. You can right-click on any pre-existing picture, and scroll down to the “Replace Picture” option to change it. From here you will be able to choose any photo from your computer. After all the information is changed to your liking, click the “File” tab at the top of the screen to save your menu.

Why Use this Restaurant Menu

The simple and elegant design highlights the most important feature of your restaurant, the food. The customization process is simple, and easily blends in with any theme that might already encompass your restaurant. Make the text and color fit you and your food. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to showcase the best your restaurant has to offer with this template.

Download: Restaurant Menu Template

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