Project Budgeting Template


Microsoft project budgeting template

Project budgeting is one of the pivotal area that needs to be addressed periodically in any company. Many tools have been created and identified to carry out budgeting. However, not all tools are effective in every way. Some lack the basic structure that is required to acknowledge the employees of the project plan. Others are too cluttered and clumsy to use. For project managers, a good budget tool like the project budgeting template dictates how much money, time and other resources are spent on a project within the company. It is also the baseline to figure out whether the project is on track or not. For marketing department, this tool is the basis to determine the success of the project and effort.

About the Project Budgeting Template

By understanding project budgeting template one can clearly make decision on how much money needs to be spent on a project. Obtaining and using this template is as easy as pie if you follow the below steps.

  1. This webpage offers an opportunity for anyone to download the template for free and copy it to a safe location. After that, it can be used for various projects accordingly.
  2. The project budgeting template comes with many features including rows and columns to plan the project budget, track actual expenditures, estimate project design cost, development cost, delivery cost and management cost easily.
  3. With the help of the template, one can calculate not only the project cost in terms of monetary amount, but overhead, obligation and other elements of the project as well. If the cost of the project is pro-rated, the user can also include it in number of hours and calculate the final cost later.

The project budgeting template comes handy when one needs to lay out all costs, identify risk areas and factors affecting the project, part by part or whole. This template is very useful in assigning risk value to each part of the project, reasonable cost to prevent it, unforeseen overtime cost and so on. For a project big or small, there is no better tool to calculate budget than the project budgeting template.

Download: Project Budgeting Template