PowerPoint Family Tree Template


PowerPoint Family Tree Template Free

Making a family tree has never been easier thanks to the PowerPoint family tree template from Microsoft. This incredible template is available as a free download right here on this page. Just click the link and you can begin using the PowerPoint template in seconds.

Help your students or children understand where they come from with the free PowerPoint family tree template today!

How to Use the PowerPoint Family Tree Template

As the title indicates, the PowerPoint family tree template will open in Microsoft PowerPoint. After you’ve downloaded the file and opened it on your desktop, save a copy on your computer. If you mistakenly fail to save a copy, you can return to this page and download another PowerPoint family tree template any time you need one. There are no restrictions on the number of times you can download or access the PowerPoint family tree template here at Template Haven!

The PowerPoint family tree template consists of a single slide titled “Organization Chart Smart Art”. As you will notice upon first looking at it, the PowerPoint family tree template displays in a hierarchical, 16×9 diagram format.  One will place their name at the top of the diagram and work their way down from there.

The PowerPoint family tree template is incredibly straightforward and tells you which people belong in the respective boxes. For example, underneath the “me” box are boxes for your mother and father. Beneath the father box are boxes for the father’s mother and father. The diagram then expands to include the parents of the father’s parents, thus revealing the family tree in a simple and easy-to-read format.

The PowerPoint family tree template is perfect for younger students. It’s also great for young children to explore their family heritage at home.

Your students or children can take a trip down memory lane with the complimentary Microsoft PowerPoint family tree template. Download this amazing template for free courtesy of TemplateHaven.com today!

Download: PowerPoint Family Tree Template