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Political Flyer Template

Screenshot of the Political Flyer Template

The flyer is one of the oldest forms of political advertising there is. Whether it’s a local election for a county seat, or an ancient …

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Event Flyer Template

Running a club or organization usually involves hosting some sort of event. When it’s time to spread the word about your upcoming celebration, it’s important …

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Party Flyer Template

Microsoft Party Flyer Template

The Party Flyer Template, downloadable in Microsoft Publisher, is a fun template to use to create party invitations. The Party Flyer Template is completely free …

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Fundraiser Flyer Template

screenshot of the Fundraiser Flyer Template

There are many circumstances where a person would need to plan events such as a party or fundraiser, so it can be beneficial to learn …

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Car Wash Flyer Template

Car Wash Flyer Template screenshot

There comes a time when every organization needs to raise funds for one reason or another. Of all the potential ways to help a non-profit, …

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