One Page 2015 Calendar

One Page 2015 Calendar

Sometimes all you need is that which is most simple. The one page 2015 calendar is just that – simple, clean, and perfect for the person who only wants the basics.

The calendar features each month, divided by soft colors, and a calming illustration at the bottom of two birds on a tree branch. The days of the week and their dates are already pre-populated for the 2015 year, so the calendar is ready to go.

How to use the One page 2015 calendar

Download the calendar by clicking the link below and opening it in your regular Word program. Since the 2015 calendar is already pre-populated with information for the year, you can simply leave the calendar as it is. However, since the calendar is in Word, you can change the colors, font sizes, and even the bottom image to fit your liking.

Tips for using the One page 2015 calendar

While you can keep this minimalist design as-is, there are also a few ways you can change it to fit your liking.

  • If you’re going to school, you can change the colors of your months or dates that you are on a school break.
  • Bold or change the color of dates you have important events such as birthdays and holidays.
  • Change the bottom image to something personalized if you want to print and hang your calendar to add a bit of personal charm.
  • Though the calendar is designed to be just one page, you can use the regular Word tools to enlarge the months and make it any amount of pages you want.

Get your One page 2015 calendar and be ready for the new year. Template courtesy of Microsoft.

Download: One Page 2015 Calendar

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