October 2016 Calendar


This October 2016 calendar template from Microsoft Excel is available for free download. It can be adjusted by adding in holidays, anniversaries, birth dates, important business meetings, etc. as desired by each user. The customization process is quite easy: simply hold the mouse over the date’s box and click and then start typing.

Add in daylight savings time information or season-change information as desired. Zoom in and out allows you to see the whole calendar page at once or one week or day in more detail. Color-coding allows you to color different sorts of days any color you wish (for example, Sundays could be red, work days blue, birthdays yellow, etc.). There is a space for adding extra notes at the bottom of the month. The customized version of the template can then be printed.

Using the October 2016 Calendar

This October 2016 calendar can assist you in planning your month in regard to work, family life, church or religious life, community activities, finances, and more. Don’t be stressed out because you forgot to pay a bill on time when you can enter bill due dates on this calendar and then look at it every day of the month.

Monitor spending (both planned and actual) by entering major purchases. Encourage yourself by marking the steady decrease of debts you are paying on. Enter vacations and travel plans. All this and more can be done to make your month more organized, less stressful and more pleasant.

Special Dates and Observances on the October 2016 Calendar

Your October 2016 calendar can be marked with holidays such as Columbus Day on the 10th, Halloween on the 31st, United Nations Day on the 24th, and the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year’s Day) at sundown on the 2nd, Yom Kippur (“Day of Atonement”) on the 12th, and the feast of Sukkoth during the week running from the 17th to the 23rd.

Download: October 2016 Calendar

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