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Free October 2014 Calendar

Looking for some fun facts about the October 2014 calendar? October is the tenth month of the year, using the Julian and Gregorian Calendars. The month is one of the seven months that has 31 days. The month got it’s name form the Roman calendar, where October is the eighth month of the year.

Weather Using the October 2014 Calendar

Every month corresponds to a season, and October corresponds with two. Now you may ask how, in the Northern Hemisphere the month is commonly associated with fall while a perfect day in the Southern Hemisphere would be a nice spring day.

Facts About the October 2014 Calendar

Now here are a few things that many people in the world do not know. For starters, did you know January and October starts on the same day, however no other month starts the same day as October on a leap year. In addition, you probably didn’t know that October ends the same day as January and February in common years.

Now we will talk about the a few months or previous year. In the year before October starts as the same day of the week as May (common years) and same day of the week as August (in the previous year) in leap years.

Holidays on the October 2014 Calendar

October has several holidays and monthly themes that represent various regions around the world, we will only mentioned a couple.

Columbus Day
Many places in the world celebrate Columbus Day, with the majority of the celebrations are held in Italian-American communities. The holiday named after the discoverer is celebrated on the second Monday of October. Some cities and towns hold festivities at local churches and some cities have parades. Events in New York City and San Francisco have gotten national attention.

Halloween is the tradition of children gathering candy from neighbors in their neighborhood on October 31. The pagan holiday came to the Americas with the settlers from Northern Europe. In the religious community the holiday is associated with All Saints Day, a holiday that believe deceased relatives join the living for a few days.

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