November 2014 Calendar


Free November 2014 Calendar

Our November 2014 calendar template is a free online customizable, downloadable and printable monthly overview calendar that is easy to use. The standard squared and numbered spaces can be arranged with a Sunday-first or a Monday-first week flow. To add information to any date simply click on it and begin to type. You can zoom in or zoom out, change the color of any square (to color code holidays, Sundays, Saturdays, work and off days, birthdays, etc.), and quickly click on adjoining tabs to access the calendars for other months. A helpful “notes” space is at the bottom of each monthly page.

A November 2014 calendar such as this one will assist the user in managing his time and also his money throughout the month. Planned expenditures and savings account deposits, bill due dates, payroll information, debt reduction tracking, and much much more can be entered. Prepare for the month ahead and help yourself to not accidentally forget important information at crucial times in the midst of a busy and sometimes hectic month.

Special Days and Observances on the November 2014 Calendar

The month of November2014 will have 30 days. It will begin with a Saturday and end with a Sunday, and will have five Saturdays, five Sundays, and four of each other day of the week.

This November 2014 calendar can be filled in with federal and other holidays at the user’s convenience. Veterans’ Day will be on Tuesday the 11th, Thanksgiving Day will occur on Thursday the 27th, elections will be held on Tuesday the 4th, and Daylight Savings Time will end on Sunday the 2nd (time to turn back your clocks, or “Fall Back”).

Remember you can add your own special days as well, such as All Saints’ Day on the 1st or the fact that Veterans’ Day in Canada is called “Remembrance Day.”

Download: November 2014 Calendar

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