No Smoking Sign

No Smoking Sign

Even though the public has been immersed in information regarding the ills of smoking, people still make the choice to keep doing it. Many business owners are overrun by people smoking around their establishments.  Template Haven can help get a message across to these people to let them know that smoking is not permitted with the No Smoking Sign. Our professional, printable sign allows you to stand up for your rights and keep your place clear of unwanted smoke.

How To Use the No Smoking Sign

  • The No Smoking Sign is available from Template Haven free. Just download it at the bottom of this article.
  • One can customize the sign template easily in a variety of fashions.
  • No expert graphic design skills are needed to edit the template. Changing text and colors, as well as changing fonts, is quickly done with a click of the mouse.

Tips for Using the No Smoking Sign

  • If your sign is more dignified and formal, it’s more likely to be obeyed. This can be said for every type of sign.
  • Use high quality ink when printing out the sign. The bolder the colors, the more the sign will stand out.
  • Think about laminating your sign or even giving it a frame. It will make your sign look even more professional.
  • To better protect yourself and your business, print and post multiple signs around the areas that need them. There’s no need to be timid in this type of situation!

Let people know that smoking is not allowed around your private property. There are laws prohibiting smoking and the No Smoking Sign can help remind people of this. Get the free No Smoking Sign today!

Download: No Smoking Sign