New Year’s Party Menu

New Year’s Party Menu

New Year’s Eve 2015 is on its way and with it comes parties and events hosted by businesses and friends. Many people choose to go out and celebrate the New Year as it is one last chance to be festive until the holidays roll around again. However if you’re hosting a party or event, you may be feeling less than festive with the stresses that come with hosting. The New Year’s Party Menu is an easy way to quickly put together a drink and/or food menu and take off one task from your plate.

How to use the New Year’s Party Menu

Download the template using the link below and open the document into Word. You will see the simple but pretty one page menu with fonts, colors, and a picture already in place.  The template sets everything up so all you need to do is enter the information.

Start with the title. If your party or event has a name you’d like to include, click the title and enter in your unique name. The entry will automatically adopt the fonts and colors of the title.

Next, the template displays places to add the menu items. You can delete any you don’t use. Enter in the name of the menu item and put a short description below. It will maintain the fonts and colors so you have no need to adjust anything but the text. After that, you are finished!

Tips on using the New Year’s Party Menu

  • Use this template for drinks or food, or both. If you have a separate menu for each, change the “Menu” title portion to include the word Drinks or Food.
  • For the party, print the menus and have them available near the ordering station or on tables. If you are doing limited copies (such as just for the bar), consider laminating one or two in case of a spilled drink.
  • Keep the menu descriptions short and easy to scan. Your guests only care to know about the ingredients and the temperature/cooked level of an item. Avoid adjectives and lengthy explanations.
  • Have someone look over the menu before you print it. Spelling errors or forgotten words can be better seen by someone who is viewing the menu for the first time.

Download the New Year’s Party Menu


Template courtesy of Microsoft