New Address Postcards


New Address Postcards Template

Notify friends and family about moving plans and provide them with new contact information with the new address postcards template. This eye-catching, double-sided postcard template is a fun and convenient way to let multiple contacts know about address changes without having to make countless phone calls. Since they can be hung in a prominent location, they also serve as a better reminder than a generic mass email. Download the new address postcards template for free from this page and send out updated contact information today!

Benefits of Using the New Address Postcards Template

  • They are free and available for download from this page which makes them both time and cost effective.
  • They can be customized and printed on any schedule making them a fast and convenient option.
  • The double-sided postcards are fun to design and easy to use.
  • They are fully customizable so that detailed address information can be provided.
  • The front features a bright and fun design and can be personalized with the family or individual’s name.
  • The back of the postcard can be customized with the new street number, street name, apartment number, city, state and zip code as well as a new contact phone number to provide complete and up-to-date information.
  • Four postcards print on each page making the template efficient and money-saving.
  • Each postcard is a convenient 4.25” x 5.5” (A2 size).
  • The template is designed to work with Avery products 3263, 3380, 5689, 8383 and 8387.
  • They can be hung on refrigerators or bulletin boards to provide an easy address change reminder for friends and family.
  • They can either be mailed or hand-delivered for quick address change notification.

How To Use the New Address Postcards Template

  • Download the postcard template for free from this page then save to the computer.
  • Begin customizing the front of the postcard by adding the family or individual’s name to the message.
  • Customize the back of the postcard by including the new address, contact information and any other desired details.
  • Check both sides of the postcard to ensure that all spelling, grammar and information is correct.
  • Print the postcard using one of the Avery products listed above.
  • Mail or hand-deliver each postcard so that friends and family are given immediate access to the new address and contact information.

Using new address postcards is a fun and convenient way to ensure that friends and loved ones can stay in touch even after the move!

Download: New Address Postcards

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