May 2015 Calendar


Our free online May 2015 Calendar template can be downloaded and then customized to suit each person’s particular scheduling needs. It can then be printed if desired. This Excel Microsoft template is also easy to use.

Uses for the May 2015 Calendar

This May 2015 Calendar is adjustable to meet your specific needs. It has standard boxes with large spaces for each day and allows the option of a Sunday first or a Monday first week arrangement. Simply click on any square and begin to type in order to customize. Add in holidays and birthdays and any days on which you will have special events planned.

Color coding can be used to indicate work days as opposed to off days, or weekends and week days, etc. You can use any colors you like. Also you can zoom in and zoom out to view the whole month at a glance or a specific day in more detail.

This is a simple tool that is great for saving you stress. You may not know what tomorrow will bring, but you can know at least what you plan to do tomorrow if nothing changes those plans. For better use of time (a commodity that is ever slipping away), a schedule place on a calendar such as this one is essential. Having it all down in front of you can help to prevent forgetting what you need to remember at the crucial times. Make it a habit to look over your calendar daily.

Special Days and Observances on the May 2015 Calendar

Federal holidays for this month include: Mother’s Day (on Sunday the 11th), Armed Forces Day (on Saturday the 17th), and Memorial Day (on Monday the 26th). Canadians using the template may wish to indicate Victoria Day (Monday the 19th) as well. You can fill in your May 2015 calendar with all of the holidays that you wish to celebrate.

Download: May 2015 Calendar

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