Marketing Campaign Template


Marketing Campaign Template

The marketing campaign template is designed to help you through each step of the marketing campaign process. This simple to use and understand template clearly defines roles and illustrates each process that must take place during a campaign.

You can download the marketing campaign template at no charge right here on this page. Continue reading below to learn more about the template and how to use it today!

Overview of the Microsoft Marketing Campaign Template

The marketing campaign template is specifically designed to be used with Microsoft Visio software. If you have Visio installed on your computer or other internet device, no other software to use the marketing campaign template is required. Once you’ve downloaded the zip file by clicking on the free link on this page, unzip the file and opening the marketing campaign template in Visio. From here, you are free to begin editing, customizing and creating!

How to Use the Microsoft Marketing Campaign Template

Now that you have the marketing campaign template open, you will notice the template reveals a direct marketing process flow. This flow chart will help you create, analyze and deploy your marketing campaign. The flow chart is broken up into four main categories. These categories include:

  • Market Segmentation
  • Campaign Design and Execution
  • Data Analysis
  • Response Management

Within each category on the marketing campaign template is a series of processes that will flow into one another and into other areas of the chart. For example, you will begin with the “Market Segmentation” portion of the marketing campaign template. You will set your organization’s business strategy and establish the event architecture before moving on to any other area of the template. Once complete, advance to the next step in this flow chart, which is align market segmentation data with campaign objectives.

You will continue to work your way around the entire marketing campaign template to build the foundation, set goals and eventually release your marketing strategy. This step-by-step diagram will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks as you approach your release date and long beyond deployment.

Marketing is an everyday battle, but you can be properly armed for it with the marketing campaign template from Microsoft. Download the template for free here at

Download: Marketing Campaign Template