March Madness Bracket Sheet

March Madness Bracket Sheet

The March Madness Bracket Sheet can help you keep track of your favorite teams this year and predict the outcome of each game effortlessly. If you’re tired of tracking your teams with pen and paper then you can save yourself time, energy, and the life of a tree. The simple March Madness template allows you to enter the information you need and change anything with a few clicks of your mouse and you can have all your information ready and uploaded.

March Madness Bracket Sheet Guide

Start in the “Pool” tab and choose the game type you’ll be using. You can choose to pre-select the winners of all 63 games in the tournament or simply enter the winners as you go. Then, choose “Yes” If you want to pre-select your winning teams.

Next, you’ll need to set the points earned for each round. If you choose the Pre-Pick All option, the points are set to 1, 2, 4, 6, and 8 points. If you are picking after each round, the default is just 1 point per pick.

After you have selected your point system, you can choose if you want to use a seed system as well. Use the drop-down menu to select your choice.

If you want to collect the picks from the players, you should print out the bracket in the “Bracket” tab and have everyone participating fill one out.

Now, you can enter your picks. Simply select the corresponding cell and choose the pick from the list. To change any of the examples in the list, just click inside the cell and start typing to change it.

Remember to always update the information as you continue throughout the tournament.

When you want a brief overview of how everything is going, simply refer to the table at the top of your screen and use the summary information to see who is winning after each round and who the overall winner is at the end of the tournament.

Download: March Madness Bracket Sheet