March 2017 Calendar


Our online March 2017 calendar template is free to download, easy to customize and is an Excel Microsoft template which prints well with most printers. Start planning ahead with the March 2017 calendar template from Microsoft today!

Features of the March 2017 Calendar

Our March 2017 calendar is easy to customize. Simply click on the gridded numbered date desired and then begin to type in your information. The spaces are large to allow substantial amounts of viewable information. You can choose between Sunday first and Monday first week arrangements. Zoom in or zoom out to view the full month’s plans or just one week or day in detail.

The cells can be changed to any color, allowing you to color code different types of days and events. For example, Sundays and holidays could be in red, birthdays and anniversaries in blue, work days in black, and stay around the house days in gray. Generous space is left at the bottom of the page for taking extra notes as well.

This calendar is a simple but important tool that anyone can use to schedule their entire month. Enter in dates for business meetings, project deadlines, weddings and funerals and graduations, etc. Small business and family budgeting can be displayed on the calendar. Enter expenditures both budgeted and actual, record debt reduction, or note deposits in your bank account.

Although we can’t know what tomorrow will bring, we can set our “default” plans and work to accomplish those goals. Know what you will do if all proceeds as expected, and then you can adjust where needed if the unexpected interrupts your plans. Reduce stress, save money, and learn to be more organized by using a monthly calendar.

Special Dates and Observances on the March 2017 Calendar

You can enter holidays you will observe or celebrate. For example, March 17th will be St. Patrick’s Day (you may want to color this day green). Don’t be late to work because you forgot to mark that Daylight Savings Time begins on March 12! And if you hear the birds singing on March 20th, you will know it is because that is the official beginning of Spring.

Download: March 2017 Calendar

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