Key Performance Indicator Template

Key Performance Indicator Template

The Key Performance Indicator Template is designed to help businesses access the various aspects that are important to the success of that business. Using data from a certain set of metrics, this template can show you trends that indicate the value and future success or failure of your business. The templates takes into account your budget, revenue, profit margins, debt-equity ratio, and much more to illustrate how your business will succeed in the future. This free template only requires a few pieces of data to complete so you could have this valuable information in a matter of minutes.

Key Performance Indicator Template Guide

The first step is to download the free template file to your computer by following the link at the bottom of this page.

When you open the document, you will find 2 tabs at the bottom of your page; begin in the one marked “KPI Data”.

There are 5 different sections in which you will go through and change the examples listed to your own information. For example, in the “Product” section, simply change all of the “ITEMs” to your store’s products instead.

You will continue through the budgets, net expenses, revenue, and profit margins sections by filling out the columns as you go. There is also a small table at the bottom of this page to enter your debt-equity ratio.

When all this information has been thoroughly researched and entered into the tables, you can go back to the “KPI Dashboard” to receive helpful graphs that show you the trends of all this data.

All the information mentioned above will be displayed for you in glittering gold bars of data. You can see exactly how a certain product or aspect of your business has increased in value or depreciated over time.

Now you have the tools to make the best decisions possible for your business by analyzing the data that this free template provides for you.

Download: Key Performance Indicator Template

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