June 2016 Calendar


Free June 2016 Calendar

Our June 2016 calendar template is free to download and can then be customized to your own specifications and printed. To add your own information to any square, simply click on it and begin to type. Easily zoom in and zoom out for a monthly overview or a detailed look at a particular day or week. Set the week flow to Sunday initial or Monday initial as desired. You can color code Sundays, holidays, birthdays, etc. to any color assortment. Room is also left at the bottom of the page for any extra notes.

June’s 30 days are gridded in large spaces to allow lots of room for your own additions. For example, you may wish to add in work days and off days, project deadlines, bill due dates, family outings, planned or actual expenditures, savings or checking account deposits, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

A calendar such as this is a simple but useful tool which allows you to responsibly allot your time and money where needed most. It can remind you of important dates and events. Be prepared for the month ahead and schedule it all out and you will reduce stress and save money. Balance your work and home time by comparing them quickly on a single page.

Special Dates and Observances on the June 2016 Calendar

The June 2016 calendar begins with a Sunday and ends with a Monday, and there are five Sundays and five Mondays and four of each other day in June 2016. There are holidays you may wish to enter. Father’s Day is on the 19th (a Sunday), and Flag Day is on the 14th (a Tuesday). The Summer Solstice will be on the 20th, and St. Jean Baptiste Day (Quebec’s celebration of John the Baptist) occurs on the 24th.

Download: June 2016 Calendar

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