June 2014 Calendar


Free June 2014 Calendar

This June of 2014, receive a free June 2014 calendar template with a crisp, neat feel. We’re offering free templates to all website visitors, and this tidy design will minimize clutter, leave more than enough space to fill in the dates with planned events, due dates, and expectations, and organize your life in the way planners, journals, and less studious calendar designs cannot.

April and May are well known for spring, but June is the month where schools end, outdoor life begins, and family members and business workers alike can take a step and enjoy the fresh, rainless, mudless air of the up and coming summer season. But only if they’re prepared with this June 2014 calendar.

June 2014 Calendar Template for Work

Monthly calendars are essential to keeping life on track in the workplace. And while calendars full of race cars, kittens in teacups, flowers, or anything else are nice to have around, they can be distracting, cluttering, and unprofessional. A neat, organized space with a mass amount of room for planning and a professional feel is required for progress in the business world. Appointments and dates can’t be written down in the tiny boxes other calendars give.

The template on this June 2014 calendar has a wide space, tight corners, smaller numbers, and room that caters to your scheduling needs.

June 2014 Calendar Template for Personal Life

On top of being perfect for writing long lists of day to day tasks, ventures, and other such parts of your busy life, this June 2014 calendar keeps a careful line of sight on holidays, and has an added space on the bottom margin for extra notes — Like the fact that, even though it’s listed in the calendar itself, Father’s day can’t be forgotten again. Or intriguing information, like knowing the full moon falls on Friday the 13th. Or even simply details of a child’s party, or reminders that span month wide

Download: June 2014 Calendar

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