July 2016 Calendar


The July 2016 Calendar

A user-friendly free July 2016 calendar template will prove useful as dates and times can be arranged in an organized, easy-to-see manner. This calendar is downloadable into a smartphone, a tablet, and also a laptop, making practicality a hallmark of this calendar. For convenience, it’s also printer-friendly and can be customized depending on the needs of the user, saving headaches as every specific date can be highlighted.

The July 2016 calendar has other useful features and the customization options are endless. You can add to or remove from the July 2016 calendar as often as you need to better suit your busy lifestyle. The July 2016 calendar provides a simple way to stay on track and on schedule.

July 2016 Calendar: Celebrate Freedom on the 4th Of July

On Monday, July the 4th, along with a new moon phase, America’s 240th anniversary is celebrated. Americans celebrate the freedom that’s enjoyed by all, giving thanks to the United States Armed Forces, which make the enjoyment of freedoms possible. This is one of the most important holidays of the year as America’s independence from England is part of the celebration. Firework displays and a Presidential speech usually highlight this wonderful holiday.

In addition there are 4 moon phases, signifying that it’s the second half of the year. There’s the new moon, taking place on the 4th of July, the 1st quarter, on the 11th, the new moon, on the 19th and the 3rd quarter, on the 26th, as shown on the July 2016 calendar. The days in the month of July are usually synchronized with the moon and sun’s phases for accuracy.

The July 2016 calendar shows that the month of July is the gateway to the second part of the year by cheerfully celebrating freedom while having lots of fun in the sun! Get the calendar template for free here today!

Download: July 2016 Calendar

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