July 2015 Calendar


July 2015 is on the horizon. However, there are calendars and templates available. For those making plans in 2015 the July calendar may come in quite handy. There are some special days including holidays celebrated within the month of July. Get the July 2015 calendar template for free right here on this page!

The First Day of July

According to the July 2015 calendar the first day of July will fall on a Wednesday. July for many people marks the summer season. Many people take vacations and trips within the month of July. Depending on where you live July is normally a hot and humid month.

Special Holidays and Days of Recognition on the July 2015 Calendar

Friday, July 3rd is recognized within the Catholic faith as Saint Thomas Day. In the Catholic Church the Saints serve a great purpose and are recognized accordingly. Mass is usually celebrated on a day which recognizes a particular Saint.

Independence Day, which is always on July 4th, will fall on a Saturday according to the July 2015 calendar. July 4th is a major holiday which is celebrated with barbeques, parties as well as fireworks. When the 4th occurs on a weekday most businesses will shut down in honor of independence Day. However, due to the fact that July 4th takes place on a Saturday most businesses are closed anyway. However, no mail delivery will take place on Independence Day.

According to the July 2015 calendar Saint James Day is celebrated on July 25th, 2015. Saint James Day is a day that Saint James is honored. Days of obligation are almost always recognized by the Catholic Church. The church celebrates special days devoted to Saints with a full Mass schedule.

Finally, according to the July 2015 calendar that last day of July falls on a Friday. July is one of those months that has 31 days. The 31st day of July is also a reminder that another July has come and gone and that July 2015 is gone forever.

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