July 2014 Calendar


Free July 2014 Calendar

Another big year full of exciting events! What are you up to? Chances are, you will be working and playing the days away or harvesting your summer fruits and vegetables. However, do not forget that Independence Day is only FOUR DAYS into the month of July. Do not miss the opportunity to celebrate America’s separation from Great Britain in style. Even more important, since you may be so busy with your own happenings, do not forget that your child is also busy with his. Just how do you remember so much stuff? Why, with the July 2014 Calendar, of course! Not only is this calendar accessible on your PC, but there is also a printable version as well! AND IT IS FREE!

July 2014 Calendar: Fourth of July

Got a big celebration coming up? Do not forget to plan it out and write it down! Between roasting that tasty rack of barbecue ribs or baking that perfect cherry pie, you may have a lot to do this Independence Day. This simple, effective calendar is a great way to keep track of all your holiday plans, from sending party invitations to your friends to picking up the hundreds of hot wings you ordered on time. Here, on the July 2014 Calendar, all the details are in one place.

July 2014 Calendar: Do NOT forget the kids

Working the same hours? Your kids sure are not! It is summer time, which means that school is out, and the kids are at daycare or hanging out with their best buds. Use the July 2014 Calendar and never forget to pick up your kids. Just write down the time and place on the correct date, and you are good to go. Never leave Junior disappointed in the hot sun again!

Download: July 2014 Calendar

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