January 2016 Calendar


Now that most of us are in “the calm after the storm”, with the busiest time of the year over, it’s time to start over. It’s time to get back to the real world and get a fresh start in the new year! Starting off on the right foot in the new year can be refreshing, as long as everything is in order! All that can be possible with the January 2016 Calendar. It will help you keep all those important dates and times in order. It also will highlight important dates like, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so you will always remember when the banks or post office will be closed.

January 2016 Calendar: For the Family

As most school activities are reaching their peak of the season, keeping up with everything going on with the kids can be made a lot easier with the January 2016 calendar. Keeping your family in order, means that you will be at ease knowing that everyone is where they need to be at the right date and time!

But maybe you don’t have kids but still have a busy schedule. With volunteer work, that after work sports league, or maybe your own hobbies, it can be impossible to keep everything in order. Keep everything organized with the January 2016 Calendar to keep your friends and family informed on what’s going on!

January 2016 Calendar: For Work

Trying to remember your work schedule because of shift work? Or maybe that important meeting that you think you have the second Wednesday of every month? Maybe you just need to remember when your office is doing that pot-luck party for all of the January birthdays?

You’ll never have to worry about missing out on important meetings, appointments, or gatherings when you use the January 2016 Calendar. You can easily keep track of all the days and times you have to work, along with all of the other office meetings.

Download: January 2016 Calendar

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