January 2014 Calendar


You can get your very own January 2014 calendar on this page by clicking the download link. You can then easily customize the calendar by simply moving the mouse over a date and beginning to type. Your customized monthly calendar will then be printable. These templates allow optional Sunday initial and Monday initial week orders.

Using the January 2014 Calendar

You can add your own special dates as well as holidays. You can highlight dates with various colors of your choosing. For example: red could stand for holidays and Sundays, gray for Saturdays, and the rest of the numbers be left black. Large box-shaped spaces allow plenty of writing room, and there is a bottom area where you can add extra notes.

The January 2014 calendar has 31 days and begins on a Wednesday and ends on a Friday. In January of 2014 there will be five Wednesdays and five Thursdays and four of each other day of the week.

Planning and remembering scheduled special dates, budgeting your purchases and savings, organizing your daily routine, balancing your social, family and business life, and meeting deadlines for projects are all things this calendar can assist you with. This free online calendar for January 2014 is a simple tool that can help you meet your goals in the midst of a busy month.

Special Dates on the January 2014 Calendar

Special dates you could add to your January 2014 calendar include New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day (on the 20th, a Monday). You may need to mark that work is cancelled on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, or that on the preceding weekend you will plan some special event like a cook out. New Year’s Day opens up the January 2014 calendar on Wednesday, January 1st.

Start planning your new year with the January 2014 calendar. Download and print the calendar today for free right here!

Download: January 2014 Calendar

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