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Free Index Card Template

In their freshman year at college, all students discover how vital it is to have index cards available at all times. From memorizing biology terms to psychology themes, students mark Index cards as one of the most essential study tools for their achieving success. With this Index Card template, students will not only be able to print as many Index cards as they need after midnight, but businessmen can keep track of their speech notes, hosts can remember the seating order of their dinner parties, and groups can pass around their revolutionary project ideas. With the tasks of an index card being virtually limitless, the Index Card template is a primary block for building strong habits towards success.

The Index Card Template is available for free when users select the link from this page. Once downloaded, users can customize the color and size of their index cards however they desire, as the template is very easy to use.

Using the Index Card Template

  • In order to successfully download the Index Card template, users must have access to Microsoft Excel 2007 or later on their PC or laptop.
  • The template offers two standard sizes for the index cards: 3 x 5″ or 4 x 6″.
  • The template takes seconds to download and immediately opens using Excel. There are three index cards per page for print and custom design.

Instructions on How to Get Started Using the Index Card Template

  • The template is so easy to use, the most amateur of PC users can fill out their template within minutes.
  • The three cards are stacked vertically, so the user can simply fill out each individual card with as much information as required. Because the program is using Excel, users can delete or extend an extra row or column as they see fit (Please note that this action will of course change the overall size of the card).
  • Users can get creative by using different color fonts to differentiate subject matter or categories of their notes.
  • Be sure to save each template to a special folder, so that all index cards can be easily retrieved or modified at a later date.
  • Use the highlight pen options to make particular points stand out just like with any other notes.
  • Print as many blank or completed slides as necessary.

Download: Index Card Template

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