How to Take High-Speed Photography

How to Take High-Speed Photography

How to Take High-Speed Photography

Taking high-speed photos seems to be the bread and butter of any photographer, amateur or otherwise. Whether it’s a hummingbird flapping their wings or a bullet whizzing through water, there is an appeal to this type of photo.

The question then becomes, “How do I do that?

This simple guide was created to help you master the art of taking high-speed photos with your own camera.

The Things You’ll Need for High-Speed Photos

You pretty much just need a good solid camera and a copy of Photoshop at your side. Monthly plans for Adobe start at around 10 bucks so you can give that a try if you don’t want to pay full price for an older version.


• Digital camera with manual exposure control and RAW shooting
• External flash with manual setting (wireless trigger system not needed)
• A tripod
• Photoshop and Adobe Camera RAW

Camera Settings:

Start by setting the aperture around f/5.6. You can adjust this value depending on your location.

You can then set the shutter speed around 1/250 or faster. Remember faster the shutter speed, darker the photo, so using a flash would be advisable.

Use a sound activated camera trigger to get best results with less number of tries. You can always try to coordinate activating the shutter and like popping a balloon at the same time but may take a lot of tries before achieving the perfect shot. You can also try using a manual shutter release or turn on the Continuous shooting mode on. You may have to take a few tries but you’ll eventually get the shot you want.

And that’s pretty much it. You should have everything you need to create beautiful high-speed images that will impress friends, family, and instructors.
You have the power to capture life’s most precious and fleeting moments. Go out and capture some of the world’s magic.

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