Holiday Customizable Greeting Cards

Holiday Customizable Greeting Cards

The Holiday Customizable Greeting Cards gives you absolute freedom this holiday season! By giving you the opportunity to insert your own photos into the document, you can transform these bare-bones cards into a great way to start off the holiday season! Pictures of friends, family, or just a nice image to encapsulate the holiday season, these cards really do bring out the spirit of the holidays! Formatted to be quick and easy to make, you can efficiently save time and money this year by downloading this template for free!

Holiday Customizable Greeting Cards Instructions

After you have successfully downloaded the free file below, simply open the document to get started!

Start by filling out all the correct information provided by the pre-written text. In this document, it includes a space for a greeting, the title of an event, the date, the time, the address, and any contact information you wish to provide.

The next step is to insert a picture from your computer. This will really add some holiday flare to your personalized greetings cards. To do this, just press the “Insert” tab at the top of your screen and select “Picture” from the menu that follows.

This process will bring up a window for you to select any image from your computer. Once you have chosen the right image, you can resize the picture to fit in your greeting cards perfectly by clicking on the picture and moving the outlined boxes on the edge of the picture.

Once you have everything perfectly formatted to your liking, you can print the document. Now all that’s left is to send them out for all your friends and family to enjoy!

Top 3 Features of the Holiday Customizable Greeting Cards

  • Includes pre-written text to illustrate what to write
  • Formatted to easily print
  • Allows for any picture to be used with your greeting cards

Create and personalize your own greeting cards this holiday season!

Download: Holiday Customizable Greeting Cards