Group Project Task List

Group Project Task List

Disorganization is something that can ruin a group project. It’s easy to sit at a table and discuss tasks you’ll do separately, but often something is forgotten or people get mixed up on who is supposed to cover what. The Group Project Task List template is a simple, one page document that will help you organize, assign, and follow-up on tasks within a group project.

How to use the Group Project Task List

Download the Excel template and open it to view the one page sheet. In the top columns are where you’ll enter in the project name, who is leading the project (or the person keeping track of the sheet), and when the project is due.

Below is a simple fill-in-the-blank area with the tasks, who is covering it, the priority of each task, and the date it should be done. As you’re putting together your project, have someone enter all this information as it is discussed and assigned.

To change the status of a project, simply click on the status that’s already entered and change it to the correct status. You also have the option in this template to use notes on the far right. Utilize this function by adding in bits that come up during group discussion such as resources for a topic or a task.

Tips for using the Group Project Task List

  • Though the template lists only four tasks, add more as you need them. Don’t try to put too much information into one task.
  • Send each member of the project a copy of the Task List template so they can also know what is going on.
  • In the Notes section or below, enter in group member’s email addresses and phone numbers so that all the information is in one document.
  • Have the Project Lead contact the owner of a task a day or two before its due date and get an update on their progress to ensure they’ll finish on time.
  • Use this template for big or small group projects. The simplicity of this template makes it easily customizable for any sort of group activity.

Download the Group Project Task List


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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